budgeting & capital program

business process improvement & cost management

financial data, reporting & systems

financial analysis

financial policy & planning

economic development


business & strategic planning

projects:  financial analysis

bridge toll analysis
prepared an operating and capital forecast, explored the impact of various tolling options, and examined outstanding bond covenants for a bi-state bridge authority.

high-speed train cost/benefit analysis
prepared a cost/benefit analysis for the implementation of new high-speed passenger train service which incorporated capital investment, incremental operating cost, government funding and debt service analyses into an overall present value study.

hospital financial assessment
reviewed and analyzed how hospital-related financial activity was reflected in an associated university financial system and determined if a valuation of the hospital business activity was possible using existing budget, accounting and systems infrastructure and practices.  also identified cost increases due to current practices and prepared recommendations to better capture hospital financial activity.

market-based network analysis
guided the first comprehensive market assessment of the national passenger railroad’s route structure since its inception in 1971.  two new demand models, forecasting ridership and revenue for corridor and long-distance passenger service, and a new variable cost model were created.

port purchase price analysis
quantified the appropriate sales price of city port assets for its transfer to state ownership, taking into account asset condition, capital investments made, net operating costs, outstanding debt, and planned strategic changes.

railroad infrastructure vs. operations analysis
explored the financial results and requirements of a potential company restructuring by preparing operating and capital pro formas for distinct infrastructure-oriented and operations-oriented functions.

resource recovery financial and operational analysis
forecasted revenues and expenses and prepared financing alternatives analyses for a 700,000 ton capacity resource recovery facility.  supported work on associated land lease, supply agreement, financing documents and legislative package.

special trains costing model
built a new costing model to support sales staff efforts in marketing and pricing special train services, providing negotiating leeway for sales staff and profit for operations.

tax forecasting
forecasted state tax and non-tax revenues through original mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, use of a commercial econometric model and database management.

transit financial assessment
performed a comprehensive financial assessment of two of the top 25 u.s. transit agencies.  analyzed operating and capital structure, financial and operational performance, public funding levels and mechanisms, resulting in short and long-term funding, cost, revenue and management recommendations.

utility consolidation analysis
prepared a financial analysis for the consolidation of city-owned water, sewer and gas utilities that focused on real estate and corporate cost reduction opportunities as well as city and customer financial impacts.

waste management authority cash flow model
developed a cash flow model to assist the authority in its cash management due to the demands of its capital program and the need to support pricing negotiations with area local governments for future solid waste services

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