budgeting & capital program

business process improvement & cost management

financial data, reporting & systems

financial analysis

financial policy & planning

economic development


business & strategic planning

projects:  business process improvement & cost management

accounts payable savings
used a web-based payables software package to convert documents to edi format and improve invoice/purchase order matching process, resulting in a reduction of 12 ftes and annual savings of $550k.

cfo operational efficiencies
identified and implemented over $20 million of cost reductions from credit card process efficiencies, claims recovery, tax payment analysis, promotion of direct deposit and flexible spending account usage, contract renegotiation and organizational restructuring.

cfo services
developed and implemented a long-term plan to reorganize the financial, technology and human resources functions for a professional services firm.  implemented a financial reporting tool, upgraded it infrastructure, developed and executed a comprehensive recruiting process, enhanced hr policies, and established an rfp/contract negotiation process that improved accountability and performance of service providers and vendors.

corporate department savings
developed a team approach towards corporate cost reduction, resulting in savings in areas such as automotive fleet, bus contracts, package express, health benefits, utilities, telecommunications, postage and mailing. 

credit card dispute management
used state-of-the-art technology for image storage and retrieval, indexing capability and monitoring success rates and root causes for credit card disputes, resulting in a reduction of 8 ftes and annual savings of $440k. 

receivables improvement program
as part of a larger cash management plan, developed a receivables program focused on reducing the average age of receivables and eliminating consistently delinquent accounts. 

revenue accounting reductions
revised ticket scanning process and used an external vendor’s advanced ocr technology to reduce documents requiring manual intervention from 19% to 8%, resulting in a reduction of 14 ftes and annual savings of $600k. 

station accounting savings
revised local and national accounting procedures related to station sales, and refined audit and reporting tools, resulting in a reduction of 4 ftes and annual savings of $150k. 

structured cost management program
established a structured corporate-wide cost management program consisting of program goal setting; financial, operational and risk analyses; multi-disciplinary teams; consistent executive reviews; and monitoring reports.

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